Silver Service

We want you to feel and be your best. As a Silver Service member, you are eligible to participate in our Wellness services. You can receive the health risk assessment (valued at $150.00) for a minimum cost, which includes screenings, blood pressure and heart rate checks, and a blood analysis to determine your cholesterol, triglycerides and glucose levels. For more information, please call (252) 399-8129.

We offer a series of classes covering a variety of topics taught by healthcare professionals and other experts. You'll receive monthly notices with schedules and topics. You will also have the opportunity to participate in group social activities, which includes tours, bingo and the annual Silver Service bus trip. For more information, call Sue Barnes, Marketing & Development assistant at (252) 399-8478. 

As a member you'll receive a variety of services – all of which promote good health and healthy living – from educational classes and screenings to medical discounts and assistance in understanding insurance forms. You'll receive invitations to our well-received dr. talks program, open houses, special business after hours and events. You'll also receive our Physician Directory upon request and special lab discounts. If you're ready to be part of a community program that values health, become a member today.

For those 55+ years young, Wilson Medical Center's Silver Service is designed just for you!

Click Here For The Silver Service Membership Application