Quality is a Way of Life at Wilson Medical Center

February 16, 2017

The word “quality” has become an important buzz word in the healthcare industry, and for good reason. But quality means different things to different organizations. At Wilson Medical Center, quality encompasses everything we do: how we care for patients, how we ensure the health and safety of each of our employees, and how we contribute to the overall health and well-being of our communities.

Quality also means that every person at our hospital – our physicians, our employees in every department, and our patients and their family members – plays an important role in the delivery of quality care. We constantly strive to improve how we provide care and enhance our patients’ experiences, and we work hard to maintain a culture that empowers everyone to feel ownership over the care and service we provide.

As mentioned above, quality encompasses both patient outcomes and patient experience at our hospital.  We know we make memories for our patients and are working daily to ensure those memories are as positive as possible.  Our effort to do that has involved several quality programs:

  • New processes have been put in place to shorten your wait time in the emergency room in order to ensure that all patients are seen in a timely manner.
  • A strong focus on eliminating infections caused by central intravenous catheters.  We have been able to eliminate them for six months straight.
  • Focus on urinary catheter associated bladder infections.  Our latest scorecard shows we have had none since August. 
  • Bedside shift report so the patient and family are involved in the discussion of the plan of care.

Through all of these quality improvement efforts, Wilson Medical Center is experiencing a transformational shift in culture and is establishing our hospital as a leader in quality within the LifePoint System by effectively managing safety and care for every person who enters our facility. Furthermore, it is our expectation that every individual who enters our facility is met with the utmost care and compassion.

And this is only the beginning. At Wilson Medical Center, our commitment to quality is a journey that we will continue to refine. It is a promise to our community that we will never stop looking for ways to further improve patient care and ensure that every person who enters our facility receives high-quality, safe and compassionate care. It is our way of life. We invite you to be part of this and bring us your feedback so we may learn how we can better serve you.

Ronald Stahl, M.D. is the chief medical officer at Wilson Medical Center.