Nursing at Wilson Medical Center

New Graduate RN Residency Program

Wilson Medical Center is very proud of its formalized and extensive New Graduate RN Residency Program. We are committed to providing an excellent learning experience to our new nurses with a combination of practical clinical experience, classroom learning and the advantage of our virtual medical center.


  1. Full organization orientation and two week didactic classroom orientation
  2. Partnership with a trained and dedicated Registered Nurse Preceptor
  3. Weekly meeting with Workforce Development Specialist
  4. Social networking with New Graduate RN peers to share achievements and challenges
  5. Minimum of 12-week individualized orientation
  6. Program held in July and January to accommodate variety of graduates
  7. Annual NCLEX review course held for hired New Graduate RN Residents


Senior or second year in an accredited registered nurse program with pending or completed graduation
Two (2) completed Wilson Medical Center reference forms from faculty members. Click here to download the Wilson Medical Center RN Residency Reference Form.

How do I apply?

To be considered, you must complete an online application. Please search for our Staff Nurse - New Grad position by clicking on the Job Opportunities link above. We will not be able to accept applications, resumes or documents pertaining to this position outside of the recruitment timeframe.

INSPIRE Preceptor Program

Wilson Medical Center INSPIRE Preceptors are high-performing Registered Nurses who have participated in extensive annual training focusing on how to create an excellent onboarding experience for our new RNs. Each new nurse will be paired with an INSPIRE Preceptor based on their individual learning and thinking styles, resulting in a customized orientation process. 

The INSPIRE Preceptor Program accepts internal applicants annually and is an excellent way to develop professional skills including time management, critical communication, analytical skills and social development.

PACE Clinical Ladder Program

Wilson Medical Center offers a progressive clinical ladder for our registered nurses with at least one (1) year of experience. Please contact Organizational Development for more information on this policy.