Wellness Services • Worksite Solutions

Business and industry can enhance employees’ health, improve their safety and contribute to an overall sense of well-being through various programs offered by Wilson Medical Center’s Wellness Services. 

Program goals:

  • Create a comprehensive solution for focused wellness and disease management
  • Improve the health of employees
  • Increase early identification of those at risk with referral to appropriate resources
  • Decrease complications related to chronic conditions
  • Enhance recruitment and retention of employees
  • Decrease healthcare and workers’ compensation cost burdens

We offer a comprehensive 3-tier approach which includes universal wellness and prevention, risk-reduction programs and disease management.  

Wellness and Prevention
The Wellness Services team will conduct Health Risk Appraisals (HRA) with all employees to assess health risks, readiness to change and overall needs and interests of the employees. The team will provide each participant with a personal report of their results and education to employees about their results. The employer will receive an aggregate report that can be used to identify trends, outcomes and target resources for prevention and intervention to better control organizational healthcare costs.

Wilson Medical Center Wellness Services will conduct on-site clinical screenings of cholesterols (lipid panel), glucose, blood pressure, body mass index and carbon monoxide analysis. The team can also develop a schedule for the year using seminars, minute of health (booth or walk-throughs on a designed day each month to provide health tips) or display education materials through mail, email or on bulletin boards. 

They can also develop team and individual challenges on topics such as exercise, nutrition, stress and weight management help motive and engage employees in better health practices. The Wellness Services team can provide incentives that promote enrollment, participation and compliance with the program.

Risk-Reduction Programs
Our Wellness Department is available to assist business and industry with reducing healthcare costs and providing employees a safe and healthy work environment. Some of the risk-reduction programs we offer are weight management, Freedom From Smoking®, education programs, nutrition counseling, exercise counseling and body composition analysis.

We also offer musculoskeletal injury prevention programs – job-site observation and back safety classes. A certified exercise specialist with expertise in ergonomics, injury prevention and fitness conditioning leads these programs.

For more information about our programs, please email wellness@wilmed.org or call (252) 399-8561.