Women's Pavilion at Wilson Medical Center

Delivering only the best for you and your family.

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For nearly 50 years, Wilson Medical Center has provided excellent care for women and their families.

We know that choosing a hospital to deliver your baby is an important decision for you and your family.

Each year, more than 800 babies are born at Wilson Medical Center. It is our goal to pay close attention to new moms, dads and babies. Our comfortable home-like atmosphere is the perfect place for you and your family to begin.

Our Women's Pavilion features spacious, homelike rooms with private bathrooms for added comfort and privacy. We also have a Cesarean delivery suite and nursey.

There are anesthesiologists available 24 hours a day for epidurals, so there’s minimal waiting for pain relief. Central monitoring provides round-the-clock observation of mother and child while in labor.


The nursery is specially equipped to care for newborns. New moms can room-in. Or, if mom prefers to rest, babies can be sent to the nursery and returned to mom for feeding. 

OB/GYN & Pediatrics

The Obstetrics/Gynecologic and Pediatric unit offers 22 private rooms, each with accommodations for a family member to stay overnight.

Our care includes, but is not limited to, treatment and surgery of the OB/GYN pre-and postpartum patient. We are prepared to handle pregnancy complications, diabetes, pre-term labor, hyperemesis and PIH. Our pediatric unit treats newborns through eighteen years of age in everything from pneumonia, asthma, diabetes, GI viruses and other illnesses requiring treatment.

Women’s Health

We believe there is more to maintaining good overall health than meeting your gynecologic and obstetric needs. The following are just a few health considerations for women.

  1. Blood Pressure and Cholesterol
  2. Pap Testing and cervical cancer prevention
  3. Self-breast exams and mammograms
  4. Safe teen behaviors
  5. Skin examinations & prevention of skin cancer
  6. Pre-pregnancy and prenatal care
  7. Breastfeeding
  8. Nutrition across the life span
  9. Exercise
  10. Menopause and osteoporosis
  11. Depression (across the life span)
  12. Child rearing
  13. Healthy relationships and prevention of abuse
  14. Alzheimer’s
  15. Diabetes

Our Women's Pavilion offers:

  • Lactation specialist
  • Parent Education Classes including Childbirth Education and Breastfeeding Preparation
  • Krames Patient Education series on Women’s health, pregnancy, newborn and pediatric care
  • Dedicated Labor & Delivery, Nursery, Pediatric and OB/GYN staff
  • Dedicated OB/GYN physicians
  • Dedicated Pediatric physicians
  • Newborn Hearing Screens
  • Cesarean Sections in the L&D unit
  • Secured Nursery/L&D units
  • HUGS Security for Infant and Pediatric patients

Beyond Delivery Through Adolescence 

Once you leave the hospital, remember that Wilson Medical Center can care for your child from delivery through age 18, as he or she grows up. Pediatric and Children’s Services offer specialized care in a comfortable child-friendly environment.

Numbers to Know

Make an appointment with your health care provider today to discuss your unique women’s health issues. We encourage you to make a list of concerns to take to your appointment.

Labor & Delivery 399-8236
Nursery 399-8246
OB/GYN/Peds 399-8233
Eastern Carolina Pediatrics 243-7944
Donna Cook, Director 399-8168
Lactation Support 399-8887

To learn more about how we can help make your experience one for the memory book, call us at 252.494.9567.