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Hospice Services

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Advance Care Planning

Consider giving your family the gift of peace of mind by Advance Care Planning. Click here to learn more or contact Hospice of Wilson at 252-640-2400 for more details.

Call 252-640-2400

Skilled Nursing Care

HandsOur nurses have expertise in pain control and the management of symptoms that may accompany a life limiting illness. The hospice nurse will make regular visits to perform skilled nursing procedures, assess physical symptoms and problems, such as pain, and instruct the primary caregiver regarding patient care, simple procedures, medication and nutrition. The hospice nurse also provides ongoing communication and consultation with the patient’s physician regarding the patient's condition and plan of care. Emergency nursing services are available to hospice patients 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Social Work Care

Social workers possess skill and experience in providing emotional support and counseling for both the patient and the family. The social worker will assess patient/ family strengths, and areas of need, and explore available community resources for help. Social workers continue to provide bereavement counseling and support for the patient’s family, helping them adjust to their loss and return to activities of daily living.

Certified Nursing Assistants

Nursing assistants are trained and skilled in assisting patients with personal care. Nursing assistants observe changes in a patient’s condition and report new needs to the other team members.

Spiritual Support

We provide specially trained chaplains for spiritual support of the patient and/or family, if desired.


Anyone may make referrals to Hospice of Wilson Medical Center. On receiving a referral, a Hospice staff member will contact the patient’s physician to confirm the diagnosis and appropriateness of hospice care. For more information please call 252-640-2400 or click here.

Hospice services provided by Hospice of Wilson Medical Center

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