Wilson Physician Services

Wilson Physician Services is comprised of physicians and practices spanning many specialties, from primary care to orthopedics and many services in between. So whether you're looking for an neurologist, or just trying to find a primary care doctor for you and yours, we've got you covered.

For additional information, visit wilsonphysicianservices.com to be directed to external websites for our associated medical practices.

Mamun Shahrier, MDKalyne Reid, NP-CWilson Gastroenterology
Mamun Shahrier, MD • Kalyne Reid, NP-C
2605 Forest Hills Road SW
Wilson, NC 27893

Chasity Godwin, FNP-CWilson Internal Medicine Associates
Chasity Godwin, FNP-C
1700 Tarboro Street SW, Suite 100
Wilson, NC 

Rick Guarino, MDBen Thomas, MDWilson Neurology
Rick Guarino, MD • Ben Thomas, MD
1700 Tarboro Street SW, Suite 103

Wilson, NC 27893

Medhat Sidaros, MDCatherine MelinWilson New Hope Primary Care
Medhat Sidaros, MD • Catherine Melin, FNP-C
2508 Ward Blvd.
Wilson, NC 27893

Sopna Jacob, MDWilson Primary Care
Sopna Jacob, MD, FACP
1700 Tarboro Street SW, Suite 200 
Wilson, NC  27893

Bryan Dunn, MDWilson Pulmonary Associates
Bryan Dunn, MD
1700 Tarboro Street SW, Suite 202 
Wilson, NC  27893

Lawrence Yenni, MDChristian Selby, PA-C, ATCWilson Regional Orthopedics
Lawrence Yenni, MD • Christian Selby, PA-C
1700 Tarboro Street SW, Suite 205
Wilson, NC 27893

Phillip Perkins, MDWilson Stantonsburg Clinic
Phillip Perkins, MD
312 Main Street  
Stantonsburg, NC  27883

James Rounder, MDDave DuVernois, PAWilson Urology
James Rounder, Jr. • Dave DuVernois, PA-C
2509 Wooten Boulevard 
Wilson, NC  27893