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Patient Stories

At Wilson Medical Center, we put patient care first. We know that every patient is a valuable member of the community that we serve. View our patient stories below, where you can hear firsthand accounts of the quality care you will receive at Wilson Medical Center.



da Vinci Xi Surgery earns accolades of patient, caregiver

At the age of 79, Dorothy Bunch never had a hospital stay, and certainly no surgeries. So when she was faced with a cancer diagnosis and the need to have surgery, she honestly didn’t know what fear looked like. She had faith everything would be OK.

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Beth White and family at the Growing Tree

Wilson’s Childcare Center Nurtures Growth

Beth White, lead nurse at Wilson Medical Center’s catheterization lab, knows firsthand why The Growing Tree is the local childcare center of choice.

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Thoughtful Care From Start To Finish

Patricia Proctor had not experienced stroke-like symptoms in 26 years, but on this Spring 2023 day while at work, she noticed things were not going so well. Her vision began to blur, and the sentences she spoke to co-workers, and then her husband, Ted, were not making sense.

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Robotic Surgery Helps Busy Mom Find Freedom

Wilson resident Julie Hernandez, 47, is a woman on the go. An administrative employee of Wilson Sheriff’s Office, Julie is also the mom of two young adults and leads an active lifestyle.

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Family Finds Care, Compassion in Wilson Labor & Delivery

As a downtown business specialist for the city of Wilson, Aramith Trimiar promotes his family’s hometown for more than a decade. After his son JR’s recent birth at Wilson Medical Center, he’s now also an advocate of the care his family received close to home.

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Blessed by a Diagnosis | Kelli Whitley

Kelli Whitley refused to let a cancer diagnosis keep her from the gift of motherhood.

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In a Sunshine State of Mind: All thanks to Wilson | Brenda Nisinger

Brenda Nisinger is looking forward to the Florida sunshine. She is the grandmother of three, and thefamily tradition has been to head south and enjoy the sunshine and downtime.Brenda is confident she’ll be able to enjoy herself the next time the family books a trip to the SunshineState. That’s because...

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Road to Recovery Leads Home | Lewis Latour

After Lewis Latour suffered a serious fall, his wife Janice worried he would never be able to return home.

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Walking With A Purpose | Sheryl Zucchi

Several months ago, Sheryl Zucchi barely had the energy or ability to get up out of bed. Today, she is walking with a purpose. 

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Trusting My Heart With Trusted Local Care | Donald Skinner

When Connie Skinner’s husband, Donald, began showing signs of a heart attack, she knew that he not only needed help, but he needed to be taken to the right place.

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