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Heart Patient Never Skipped a Beat | Joseph's Story

September 2, 2021

Joseph Woodard

Wilson native Joseph Woodard never missed a beat even after dealing with a couple of cardiac episodes this year.

A few months ago, fatigue and shortness of breath brought Joseph to Wilson Medical Center’s Emergency Department, an accredited Chest Pain Center. 

“I just didn’t feel right and knew I needed to get checked out,” said Joseph. He was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) and began Cardiac Rehab after his visit to the Emergency Department.

After a follow-up appointment with Sanjay Cherukuri, board-certified cardiologist, Terre Miller, certified family nurse practitioner, noticed changes in his EKG which caused great concern. Joseph had a blocked artery due to cholesterol build up and was immediately scheduled to receive a stent in Wilson Medical Center's Cardiac Cath Lab.

Eager to get back on his feet, Joseph returned to Cardiac Rehab the very next day after his stent placement, and he attended consistently until completing the program on August 13.

Joseph says he is grateful for the care he received from Wilson Medical Center’s cardiac team. Recently, he brought flowers to the team to show his appreciation and said, “I’m so grateful and I’m feeling so good!” Joseph is looking forward to working with his health care team to continue focusing on a heart-healthy lifestyle.

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