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Road to Recovery Leads Home | Lewis Latour

January 31, 2023

After Lewis Latour suffered a serious fall, his wife Janice worried he would never be able to return home.
Today, after receiving comprehensive care at Wilson Medical Center and Wilson Rehabilitation and
Nursing Center, Lewis is home and is well on his way to recovery.

“Our daughter is a nurse, and she and I were convinced Lewis would never leave the hospital,” Janice
Latour said. “But thanks to the comprehensive care he received at Wilson, Lewis was home in time for
his birthday.”

The Latour family appreciates that, while Wilson Rehabilitation and Nursing Center wasn’t quite home, it
was a clean and positive environment for his recovery. Along with maintaining a pristine atmosphere,
the friendly staff and attention paid to patient care were immediately evident to the Latour family.
“When Lewis arrived at rehab in the early afternoon, I told the administrator he hadn’t been served
lunch before his hospital discharge,” Janice said. “By the time I finished his paperwork and went to his
room, he was eating lunch.”

Janice said it’s the little things – like that first quick lunch with vanilla magic cups – that have made
short-term rehab feel like a home away from home. After mentioning that Lewis likes ice cream, the
staff began bringing him magic cups daily. Janice credits that personal touch with speeding up his
recovery and giving Lewis a second chance at independence.

Along with caring for Lewis well, Janice says Wilson Rehabilitation and Nursing Center also taught his
family how to support him when he returned home. Caregiving classes prepared Janice to help Lewis
continue on the path to healing after discharge.

“There will never be enough words to express my sincere gratitude to the staff of Wilson Rehabilitation
and Nursing Center,” Janice said. “You have given me my husband back!”

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