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Robotic Surgery Helps Busy Mom Find Freedom

July 10, 2023

Wilson resident Julie Hernandez, 47, is a woman on the go. An administrative employee of Wilson Sheriff’s Office, Julie is also the mom of two young adults and leads an active lifestyle.

When Julie hit her mid-40s, that lifestyle was threatened by menstrual periods unlike any she had experienced before. Her cycles became so embarrassing and worrisome that they threatened her ability to keep up with her daily routine.

“I was having very heavy cycles and going down on iron levels when my doctor, Dr. Almeida, recommended a hysterectomy with da Vinci,” Julie says.

The da Vinci® Surgical System equips surgeons with an advanced robotic platform for performing minimally invasive procedures. Known for its precision and accuracy, da Vinci gets patients back on their feet with less downtime, an option Julie had never heard about before Dr. Almeida. Encouraged by this possibility, she booked the surgery at Wilson Medical Center.

While she had been to Wilson Medical Center for a routine colonoscopy in the past, this was her first overnight stay at the hospital. In February, Dr. Almeida conducted a robotic hysterectomy on Julie, making four small cuts rather than the large c-section incision she had dreaded. Perhaps most surprising to Julie were the comfortable accommodations she received post-operation: a spacious maternity room where she was delighted by the sounds of crying babies.

“Instead of losing everything, I felt good when I left the hospital,” Julie said. “I had gained something, too, and it was such a big relief.”

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