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Wilson’s Childcare Center Nurtures Growth

August 18, 2023

Beth White and family at the Growing Tree

Beth White, lead nurse at Wilson Medical Center’s catheterization lab, knows firsthand why The Growing Tree is the local childcare center of choice.

“If you get a spot at The Growing Tree and don’t take it, you’re crazy,” Beth said.

Her son Eli took his spot at The Growing Tree shortly around his second birthday, after being waitlisted for almost a year. When Beth found out she was expecting again, securing her infant’s spot on the list was a top priority.  Her new baby girl will follow big brother’s footsteps a little earlier, enrolling at just three months.

The Growing Tree of Wilson Medical Center is a five-star facility caring for children from infancy through age 5. Dedicated to providing a nurturing, safe environment and meeting each child’s needs, the center has gained Beth’s trust on multiple levels. From cleanliness and protocols to teachers and location, The Growing Tree has won her family’s affection.

“We can be sitting at home on the weekend, and out of the blue Eli will say his teacher’s name,” she said.

The Growing Tree is a no-brainer for Beth, who looks forward to seeing her children thrive there throughout their preschool years.

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