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Thoughtful Care From Start To Finish

July 17, 2023

Patricia Proctor had not experienced stroke-like symptoms in 26 years, but on this Spring 2023 day while at work, she noticed things were not going so well. Her vision began to blur, and the sentences she spoke to co-workers, and then her husband, Ted, were not making sense.

She knew she may be having a stroke, and time was important. When she arrived at Wilson Medical Center’s Emergency Department, the care provided eased any apprehension she was feeling.

“As soon as we came in, the person at the front desk was very friendly and polite,” Proctor said. “The attention from that point on – you couldn’t ask for anything more.”

Proctor recalled many of the details that were important to her as a patient – and they all were met. She was taken to a room immediately, where multiple staff members took her vitals, ordered a CT scan and called for a stroke alert.

Proctor, who worked previously at the hospital for more than 25 years, said her first-class care continued as she encountered staff who were involved in an MRI, CT scan, chest X-ray and ultrasound. She said she continually received assurance from staff that she was going to be OK. Staff also made sure she was informed throughout the process.

“Everyone I interacted with was so polite, positive and friendly,” Proctor said. “I felt like they truly loved their jobs. I didn’t feel like they didn’t want to be there. They were all where they needed to be. They had a heart for their jobs.”

She was taken to the fourth floor for an overnight stay, and when her husband left the hospital to grab a few things at their home, he returned to pillows, a blanket and a comfortable sleeping area that was prepared by a nurse.

When Proctor was discharged the next day, she said the process was prompt.

Proctor admitted that she heard chatter from outsiders about the facility that previously gave her cause for concern, but none of the talk was in line with what she experienced.

“My care was awesome,” Proctor said. “I could not have asked for better.”

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