Wilson Medical Center is Making Communities Healthier. Here's How.

October 25, 2018

Mark Holyoak, CEO
Although it’s been less than two months since I moved to Wilson and joined this wonderful team at Wilson Medical Center, I’ve already seen countless times the amount of hard work and dedication our team puts forth on a daily basis. The dedication is not only to our patients, but also carries over to our community as a whole through several aspects of what each member of our team does each day. I am proud to be a new member of this team.

Wilson Medical Center’s mission is Making Communities Healthier. We are proud to partner with the communities of Wilson County to achieve this mission. Our physicians, employees, volunteers, and board members work hard every day to provide the highest quality care possible for our community, collaborating with patients and family members, employers, community leaders and others to create a legacy of care that will last for generations to come.

Because of the strength of our partnership with Wilson County, we have been able to support our shared communities in many ways. The most important contribution we make is providing high quality care close to home. Quality and service are at the center of how we care for our patients, and we continually invest in our facility to ensure we can meet the healthcare needs of our community.

In 2017, we made more than $24 million in capital improvements, including a new behavioral health unit, a renovated medical-surgical floor, a new dialysis unit, updated lap equipment and a new CT scanner.

Recruiting talented physicians into our community and supporting them also is a key driver of our efforts to ensure that our communities have access to high quality care and service. During the past year, Wilson Medical Center added six new providers in general surgery, emergency and internal medicines, endocrinology and cardiology.

To create places where physicians want to practice and employees want to work, we strive to create an environment where talent is recognized, job satisfaction is valued and our 1,009 employees can effectively use their skills in providing high quality care and service. We offered more than $106,343 in professional development and growth opportunities for our staff and provided more than $64,241,165 in salaries, wages and benefits so that our employees and their families can live, play and grow in the place they call home.

Supporting local organizations and delivering healthcare to all of our neighbors, regardless of their ability to pay, are foundational to our commitment to the overall well-being of our communities. In addition to numerous sponsorships and charitable gifts to organizations like American Cancer Society, American Heart Association and United Way, we delivered more than $9.03 million in healthcare to those in our community who were in need. And as a fiscally responsible member of our community, we paid a total of $956,744 in taxes.

It is our honor to serve our communities. We are proud that, in a constantly changing – and increasingly challenging – healthcare landscape, we have been able to continue to expand the many ways we contribute to and serve Wilson County. This is only possible with your support, and we need your partnership now more than ever to continue the important work that we do in collaboration with you each day.

Healthcare involves many choices, and when you choose a local healthcare provider like Wilson Medical Center for your care, you help us to do more for our community. Choosing our hospital over one of the many regional facilities vying for your attention helps us to ensure access to quality care locally, provide care for those in need, ensure local jobs and create opportunities for professional growth regionally, fuel economic development and contribute to the prosperity of our region, and boost support for regional organizations.

On behalf of our dedicated staff, board members and volunteers, thank you for your partnership and for entrusting us with your healthcare, and thank you for your continued support as we seek new ways to work with you to make our community healthier in 2018 and beyond.